Friday, July 31, 2009


An Amphicar would be awesome right now.

When I saw an article about a Amphicar, I immediately recalled an episode of MST3K that had an amphibious car driving straight into the sea. I was convinced that it was an AMC, makers of the legendary AMC Eagle. Back in college, we were fortunate to experience the joys of the "Mountain Car", owned by Marshall. Its appearance was no where near the pristine condition of the previously link picture. In fact, the simulated wood paneling on the sides were always dirty and it generally looked banged-up. It was perhaps the only car that could withstand the abuse dished out by a team of college Ultimate players and its roughneck Jersey owner. Nevertheless, it always got us to various Ultimate tournaments without any incident, except that one flat tire at W&M. The "Mountain Car" also had a sound system that was capable of stunning everyone within a mile radius. It was the one car in the parking lot to rule them all.

After some googling and e-mail exchanges, it turns out that the Amphicar is its own company. So, maybe Marciel Lopez and Luis Rodriguez will have better luck next time. I have to give them credit for innovation though.

Monday, September 13, 2004